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Testimonials from Happy Clients

Pain Management

"Andrew has been able to alleviate my chronic pain to a manageable level that I can function with my daily activities."


Rose J

Outside the Box

"In working with Andrew, he often thinks outside the box with a combination of different approaches to help with my pain."


Jagdeep B

A Perfect Fit

"Andrew has helped me with my low back pain and his style of treatment fits exactly what I need."

Danielle D

Burnaby, BC

Recovery Mode

"Recovery is one of the most important aspects of an athlete’s training. I was fortunate to have Karl help me maintain my body at top condition so I can train and compete harder, day in and day out. He is by far the best out there."



National Team Athlete

Back in Action

"Karl was an important therapist in my pre and post hip surgery. He worked on hip mobility by ensuring my muscles were as relaxed as possible. Post op, he also worked on my incision site to prevent scar adhesions from forming. His knowledge, care and attention have given me superb functioning of my hip!"

Therese B

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