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Our Covid-19 Protocol

Your safety is our first concern

Here is how we are following strict Covid-19 workplace and deep cleaning protocols

  • We have enhanced hand washing protocols posted around the clinic. When you arrive, we will have everyone entering the clinic use hand sanitizer at the door and/or wash their hands.

  • Every practitioner or onsite visitor will have completed a BC Covid-19 Self-Assessment survey before entering our facility. Trust is the foundation of safety at this time. If our practitioner is sick with ANY symptoms of illness they will cancel their day. If patients have any symptoms they will be directed to their physician/811 and their appointment will be rescheduled.

  • As always, we need patients to reschedule their appointments if they are sick to protect the health and safety of everyone who enters our clinic.

  • We do have regular documented cleaning of our clinic washroom but request that clients use their home washroom before coming to the clinic. The shared usage of the bathroom is a higher risk contact point and should be only used if necessary.

  • At the clinic we ask all practitioners and patients to wear a cloth face covering or disposable mask during their time in our space and that everyone washes their hands/uses hand sanitizer upon entering or exiting the clinic.

  • Deep cleaning will continue with wiping doors, handles, desks, massage tables etc. Treatment room cleaning is before and after every patient enters/leaves and additional time between patients is reserved for this. Therapists will not be able to “make up” time if you arrive late for your appointment.


What we will ask of you, our valued patient

  • Please enter your credit card details into your JaneApp account. Your practitioner will be happy to help you with this when booking your appointment. Direct billing will continue and be done off-site by administrative support and the remainder of your fee owing will be applied to your credit card. A receipt will be emailed to you.

  • Cancel your appointment if you have any symptoms of illness prior to entering our clinic. 

  • If you are found at some point to have Covid-19, we ask that if possible, inform the clinic if you have been in to see us within the 14 days prior.

  • 24 hours prior to your appointment you will be emailed the BC Covid-19 Self-Assessment survey and it must be filled out prior to arriving.

As always, thank you for your patience during these trying times. We look forward to overcoming this challenge together.

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